Totally differentiated solutions, ethically designed and produced, enabling true Civil Rights for the first time while opening new horizons in performance.


  Invention & Patents
Design & Production 
 Market Performance & Awards
 Unprecedented  Results
Over 10 years ago GeaCom invented and patented breakthrough solutions based on hard, cutting edge science.  The Multipath-Realtime-Messaging system in conjunction with Communication & Information Theory Empowered design offers features that can't be found anywhere else. GeaCom, a North American company, designs its tools for the highest safety, security and capability in the world.  GeaCom's systems are purpose built and produced in North America using fair labor, fair trade and FDA standards.  The qualified products out perform all consumer systems and do it at a lower price point.            Solutions from GeaCom are the most tested, vetted, awarded and capable.  Global awards for innovation, business design, technology and more are earned as a leading designer and provider of CITE Solutions. New records in performance including accuracy, population coverage, efficiency and efficacy have been proven and documented. The first ever solutions to effectively and efficiently offer total Civil Rights. Users experience equitable, attention arresting, equal, positive experiences in spite of language, literacy, gender, age, culture and more. The systems engage all stakeholders simultaneously and with personalized engagements.