Althing Clinic Austin

The nation's first Civil Rights capable clinic with full patient self authoring.

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SSC Distribution Partner

Southeast Services Cooperative & Althing K12

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Althing district airs 

Assess-Intervene-Refer/service (AIRs) is a breakthrough for school health & safety  

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CEDA Althing Clinics

The Community Economic Development Association is partnering with Althing

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Phrazer & Karen Karenni

Equal access and service in the Karen and Karenni languages are available on Phrazer

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24/7 Local Rural Health

The new Althing Community Health model embeds health experts locally & proactively

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Eliminated K-12 disparity

In a multiple year study Phrazer augmented classroom service proved to eliminate inequity

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The New CITE cockpit

An unparalelled, patented interface that introduces vital features to virtual care

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Heart Health at home

Now available: best in class healthcare at home solution for heart and much more.

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company news

Reinventing proactive, equal care means constant growth and change at GeaCom