Journey Solutions

Modern CITE solutions that consolidate and eliminate expensive 'point solutions' and IT overhead. A reliable, qualified platform for your user's entire journey needs.

Services & Entertainment

User self guided engagements providing your services, specific to your uses connecting with all demographies. Transitions to self driven entertainment with pay-services.

Tech Innovation

Qualified, configurable hardware that self generates a powerful network, enabling novel functionality and features that connect all users, staff and systems in real/relevant time.

Demographic Solutions

Solutions that engage all users and staff equally, in spite of language, literacy, culture, gender, age and other factors.  Meet Civil Rights requirements and improve all services.

Change Management

Realtime notification and coordination between staff, users and resources ensures best practices and process compliance to change via Multipath-Realtime-Messaging.

Support Services

From change design, to implementation and through ongoing improvement, GeaCom provides resources, expertise and full support to ensure smooth, reliable results.

leading innovation supported

With CITE Solutions you can eliminate overhead, improve process and make meaningful change

Innovation Services

Process Adherence

Overhead Reduction

Training & Support